Awesome Twitter Users Take Over Homophobic Hashtag


There's no denying that homophobia (and all kinds of phobias, for that matter) runs rampant in the Twitter-verse. Last week alone, NoHomophobes.com, a website dedicated to exposing homophobic Twitter users, noted that 218,477 tweets contained the slur "faggot".

Just when I thought Twitter had gone to the trolls, my faith in the Internet was restored this past weekend (if only for a moment). The Huffington Post reported that the hashtag #SignsYoSonIsGay transformed from an online hangout for homophobes into a show of support for the gay community.  

As you’ve probably guessed, one click on the hashtag would initially result in a stream of vile, homophobic comments. English teachers everywhere should be in tears over these gems:



However, this brain cell-frying was short lived, thanks to the thousands of fair-minded users who "hijacked" the hashtag. And now it’s time for us to shed a few happy tears:



Of course, since this is the Internet, a handful of homophobes were quick to fire back, posting "jokes" about hot dogs and "gay-loving liberals." However, I think it’s safe to say that these liberals won this Twitter showdown.

Now, if anyone would like to tackle #HowToTurnDownAUglyPerson, be my guest.


Images/screenshots via huffingtonpost.com 

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