Au Revoir Burke.
Ever since the topsy-turvy, hella-dramatic ending that was Grey's Anatomy's finale...it was George that we all worried would get the boot. However, jokes on us guys. Months after the infamous scandal surrounding Grey's star, Isaiah Washington, it was made official that Dr. Preston Burke is no longer. ABC execs won't confirm whether their decision to ax Washington had anything to do with the negative press he brought to the show as a result of his anti-gay remarks made at the Golden Globes, but I'd be lying if I said I saw it coming. It seemed that the cast, producers, and studio had kind of let the issue fizzle and when I watched to see what kind of light the finale would shed on the issue, I only found myself skull-fucked. Though I'm sad to see Burke go, he was never my favorite character, and the real issue weighing on my mind is....how long do I have to wait to see what the hell is going to happen on the show now? Will Grey's ever be the same without Burketina? I'm waiting with bated breath, to find out

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