Attack of the Futurist Turkey Cake


Ahhh…Thanksgiving, the first link on the proverbial winter holiday chain of events.  A time when biological families and selective families gather round to indulge in gluttony in it's most jovial form, and scroll down the list of people, places and things they are so grateful for.  Personally, my turkey day traditions have gotten a little stale over the years. Seeing the same spread of green beans, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce and of course turkey in it's most conservative layout can be rather uninspiring. "Thankfully", Chow.com has come up with a solution to reinvent digestible design in the form of the seven layer Thanksgiving Turkey Cake.  This fluffy and savory cuisine allows you to indulge in your favorite side dishes and main course all in one bite! Just look at this beast! I can't decide if my mouth is watering or I am totally grossed out. Needless to say this dish is not for those who have a phobia of food touching each other on the same plate, but that is something I never really understood. It's all going in the same place right? If the alluring novelty of this cake has you dying to try it out for yourself, it's a pretty convenient that you can find the recipe to make your own right here. Think my granny would be open to the idea of a futurist holiday banquet on one platter? I think it would save a lot of table space.


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