Athena Film Festival Coming to NY


The annual Athena Film Festival is coming to New York for its third year!  From February 7th to 10th, Barnard College will host festivities celebrating the leading ladies that make the world go ‘round (on and off screen).  The festival is in conjunction with Women and Hollywood, a site that examines the “it’s complicated” relationships between women and pop culture. 


The festival will feature workshops for filmmakers, interactive conversations with women in the industry, and screenings of films showcasing female leadership.  In addition, the festival will honor Gale Anne Hurd, the producer of The Walking Dead and classics like Aliens (strong female characters represent!), with The Laura Ziskin Lifetime Achievement Award for her extraordinary accomplishments in film.  Ava DuVernay, Molly Haskell, Rose Kuo, and Pat Mitchell will also be honored. 

The films have not yet been announced, but I assure you they will all be better than those 88 unholy minutes you spent watching Liz and Dick.  Or was that just me?  Early passes are available on the festival’s website, and individual tickets go on sale January 7th!  


Images via athenafilmfestival.com and luxurytravelmavens.com

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