Artist Dorothee Golz Places Classic Portrait Heads on Modern Bodies

I’ve heard of learning from the masters--you know, studying the big names, imitating their works, and pulling inspiration from them. But artist Dorothee Golz is doing something quite different than all of that. Instead of being influenced by the work, she actually makes modern people become a part of it.

In these fascinating (and mildly creepy) portraits, Golz transplants well-known, classic portrait heads onto the bodies of modern women. Not only does she create bodies for these famous-floating heads, but she also adds an entire environment around them. Her digital paintings offer an answer to situations surrounding these women with a modern take. A lot of the outfits these women are given and the situations they are placed in would be considered wildly scandalous during the time they were painted, suggesting that Golz may be commenting on the development and changes of gender roles throughout history. I wonder what Vermeer would think if he saw his Girl with a Pearl Earring rocking some nice skinny jeans. 

For some more modern takes on famous old works, check out the incredible ongoing 'Remake' project over at BOOOOOOOM.com

Images courtesy of Dorothee Golz

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