Art School Girls

Since their formation in 2007, Ninjasonik has been dropping teasers in the form of mix tapes and a split record with fellow Brooklynites Japanther, but theyve finally released their debut album, Art School Girls, and it doesn't disappoint.

DJ Teenwolf makes beats that bring the party, and when joined by rapper Telli Bathroom Sexxx Gramz and charmingly off-key crooner/rhymer Reverend McFly, the three bring ass shakers into mosh pits and shower them with high-fives and PBRs. The infectious Somebody Gonna Get Pregnant showcases Tellis smooth delivery and will definitely make your eggs drop. Dripping with Brooklyn love, Ninjasonik brings in Team Robespierre for the guitar-fueled track Ha Ha Ha, and their cover of Matt and Kim's "Daylight" outshines the original. "All Our Friends" is an ode to their bros in bands, in which they shout out to regular showmates like the Death Set and Dan Deacon over a bass-heavy M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes"-inspired beat. Forget Lil Wayne's rap/rock fuck-up Rebirth; like early Beastie Boys, Ninjasonik gets it right.

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