Are You There God? It’s Me, Mocha-nut.

icecreamAfter a New Jersey librarian campaigned for Ben and Jerry's to have a literary-themed ice cream flavor, LivingSocial's Visual Bookshelf joined in the fun by asking users on their Facebook page for their own suggestions.

The suggestions that people have come up with so far are hilarious, but like the literary canon itself, very male-centric. That's why here at BUST, we decided to take the challenge one step further: to come up with ice-cream flavors inspired by some of girly/feminist literary classics. This post's title was thought up by our very own Bust editor, Debbie Stoller. Here are some other suggestions the brainy Busties cranked out:

A Rum Raisin In The Sun
A Prune of One's Own
The Jelly Bar
The M'n'M Mystique
The Plum Mint-afesto (The Society for Cutting Up Mint)
Cat on a Mint Chip Roof
Go Ask Anise

Comment with your own ice cream-themed book titles! Personally, the M'n'M Mystique is my fav. Also I superhardcore want ice cream right now. - Sylvie

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