Are you in the meow?

If you're anything like me, you understand how amazing animals are. My dog is like my child,  I watch that video of the french bulldog that can't roll over on YouTube a little too much when I'm feeling blue, and I am always scouring the interweb for all things related to adorable animals. That being said, you can imagine my sheer delight when i discovered The Catorialist, yeah, that's right, a style blog about CATS. Mimicking the ultimate in serious street blogs, right down to it's format, this copycat is a hilarious take on feline style. The artistically driven snapshots taken all over the world feature fierce street cats in their natural habitat. The photographs catch these cute kitties making adorable facial expressions, strutting their stuff, hanging out under cars, and looking tough on the streets. The more i look at this site, the more addicted i am. The site's clever commentary  on things like the color of their coats, style of collars and the "socks" on their feet this blog could make anyone turn into a crazy cat lady.




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