Antiabortion Advocate in Government


Alexia Kelley, who co-founded Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (a group that has compared abortion to war and torture) was promoted to Director of Faith-based and Community Partnerships at the Department of Health and Human Services. Jon O'Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, had this to say about it, 'Ms. Kelley's appointment is a defeat for reason and logic and calls into question whether President Obama's administration is serious about reducing the need for abortion. And, while it may not gain many headlines, the impact and significance of this appointment should not go unnoticed.'

Considering that the Department of Health and Human Services provides significant sex and reproductive health services, the choice to have Kelley play such an integral role in that seems unwise especially since the CACG has been vocal about being against evidence-based prevention methods like contraception and sex education. It seems to be that there needs to be less biased individuals in the government when concerning abortion, but maybe that's not possible. People have always had a strong opinion on abortion, on both sides of the fence, and it's hard not to feel one way or the other. - Sylvie

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