Anti-Fashion Is SO In Right Now: Tara Subkoff's Awesome Fashion Show

Designer Tara Subkoff is creating fashion for thrifty cool girls while simultaneously challenging narrow beauty and style ideals.  She put on an exceptional show for her Spring 2013 line for her label, Imitation of Christ.  The aptly titled "This Is Not a Fashion Show" moved away from the idea that fashion has to be flawless and fall into the weird notions of what's considered beautiful or desirable.

Imitation of Christ is known for performance art-esque shows that have included unique theatrics like holding a show in a funeral parlor, models hanging out in a swimming pool, and having models sit and take notes while guests walked the runway.

The Spring 2013 show included a film of the nude and pregnant artist Vanessa Beecroft, a woman riding a stationary bicycle, and perfomers wearing glass masks (which were marked up with surgical lifts and nips) and underwear performed in front of a screen of magazine covers and advertisements.  An a cappella choir sang an altered version of "Carol of the Bells" and models changed into new looks simply by picking up clothing from the piles at their feet.

When the word fashion is mentioned, it unfortunately conjures up ideas of superficiality and an overemphasis on appearance.  But it can go beyond face value, and the focus of this fashion show wasn't, in fact, fashion.  As Subkoff explains, "The clothes are not the point.  I couldn't think of a clearer way of saying that than by putting them on the floor."

Performers ranging in age from 8 to 70 primped in front of mirrors, as a representation of the narcissism and obsession with looks that stems from beauty ideals that are shoved in everyone's face daily.  As Subkoff said, "An average woman will subconsciously or consciously see over 3,000 ads every day and will spend three years of her life watching TV commercials."  Yikes.

Another notable and refreshing aspect is that the models in her presentation weren't all the same size, race, shape, or age.  The clothing itself isn't refined, and inspiration is drawn from upcycled pieces and thrift store finds.  As Subkoff explained, "I like to see rips.  I like tears.  I like stains.  I like cracks in glass.  I like things that aren't in perfect condition.  I want to constantly celebrate that."

You can check out the rest of the looks here.

Images via artinfo.com and style.com

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