Another Modern Prometheus?


 Are you into fusion food? If you are then you should definitely check out Fish 'N' Chicks . Think of it as surf and turf with a god complex. Fish 'N' Chicks is a dish composed of ground chicken meat, mixed thoroughly with finely chopped fish, all battered and pan fried into a McNugget style bundle of delight. The master mind of this innovation, Brooklyn artist Nate Hill, professes that, 'All of my work is about the idea of imitating God.' In the nearly alchemical melding of chicken and fish, a new meat is created from an animal of human imagination, not divine design. Hill got his start imitating god as a taxidermist, mixing and matching animal parts to create immortalized animals of his own design, even going so far as to make life-like human effigies composed of a plethora of parts from different animals. This Saturday April 4th, Fish 'N' Chicks will be handed out for free(!!!!) in Williamsburg, between 7 and 8 PM, on Bedford ave. between N 5th and 7th streets.


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