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Since I’m a big fan of both eating and food, there is nothing more enjoyable than perusing the (web)pages of a good food blog. Unfortunately, many food blogs read more like Martha Stewart cookbooks than a home-grown type deal: Who knew so many people start off their days by delicately frosting several tiered cakes or make last-minute meals out of the cornucopia of farmer’s market fresh organic vegetables in the fridge they had just “forgotten about?” Usually I’m reading such posts while starving/ polishing off the stale chip crumbs at the bottom of a bag of Doritos.

That’s why I like Anger Burger. It’s not that Sunday, the blog’s proprietor, doesn’t whip up some amazing, beautiful, and fancy foods, but she’s also not afraid to tell you that the gorgeous cake she made tasted terrible or she actually ate M&Ms and Dr. Pepper for dinner. Far from a food snob, she lists recipes from her mom’s homemade Hamburger Helper-style goulash to cranberry chiffon pie, mentions her favorite gadgets and secret weapons (mushroom powder, who knew?) as well as detailing her food adventures in LA’s wonderworld of food trucks, fine dining, and hole in the wall joints. Honest, funny, slightly surly, and full of delicious tips for food lovers, Anger Burger is an excellent, relatable and fun-to-read resource, as well as a great antidote to those other kind of food blogs.










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