Angel Haze Goes House: Listen to Her New Track!

It’s no secret that we love Angel Haze here at BUST. She’s one of the most versatile hip-hop artists out there, unafraid to tackle deep sadness or go ovaries-to-the-wall aggressive with her lyrics. Now she’s trying her hand at house: “Hell Could Freeze”, a new collab with London-based drum-and-bass quartet Rudimental, is a moodily gorgeous track that navigates the ups and downs of love.

Angel’s rap is still on point, but her fuzzed-out hook, layered over an alternately shimmery and spazzy beat, is the gorgeous centerpiece that holds the track together. It’s sexy and complex—the perfect make-out music for a gloomy New York Tuesday. Give it a listen.


You can also download the track (for free!) at Rudimental’s website.

And let’s keep the self-reflective house train a-rollin’ with “By Your Side” from Tinderbox headliners CocoRosie:


Photo via bet.com

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