Andy the Animal Follows His Nose

The lucky ducks who already have our April/May issue have seen the “Buy or DIY” story about making your own natural solid perfume. (It’s so easy, a cavewoman could do it. One with access to a microwave, at least.) Our accompanying “Buy” section offers some fantastic scented-oil perfumes which were sniff-tested in our office by a discriminating panel of BUST staffers and interns. But you’re probably wondering what Brooklyn rocker Andy Animal would think about these sensuous oils. Luckily for you, we have a direct line to the manimal himself, and gave him our fave perfume-oil picks to review in the privacy of his home. He created a video exclusively for BUST in which he offers some thoughts on these fragrances, and pearls of wisdom on both perfume and life. He notes that he was was "fully nude" during the filming of this video, but it's completely SFW:

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For more gems from this gem, visit his site, Andy’s World.

Image credit: Danny Goldshtein

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