Andre 3000 Steps Out of the Dungeon and Back into the Studio

Coming across new tracks by Andre 3000 is basically like finding a grocery bag full of money. He is such an elusive character, traipsing around the Deep South like he owns the place...i mean, he kind-of does.  His music is always so fresh and raw, and he makes no apologies for his bona fide rhymes.  Yesterday Limelight Exclusives dropped their new mixed tape featuring a new track by the ATLien, "I Do."  This track is super chill-  Andre lays his feelings on the line to his lady, and confesses how he wants to start a family with her.

She’ll love books, and cook, just like you
And when she’s done being young
She’ll dress like you
We’ll call her Love 22
She’ll tote a 22

As far as making a new album is concerned, there IS a rumor that it's in the works!  Partner and pal, Big Boi, revealed in June that as soon as Dre was finished with his album, Outkast would be reuniting to work on their newest record.  Oh man, let's just say that this former ATLien is pretty pumped!

Download Andre 3000 - "I Do"

photo credits: sickhop.com

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