An Interview with the Most Elusive BUST Employee: Wally the Office Dog

We've been keeping a secret from you: we have an illegal BUST employee. He isn't on the payroll. We do pay him with love, a place to hang out during the day, and scraps. Truth be told, though, Wally the office dog is probably our most valuable staff member. He's constantly pitching original content, posting blogs, and chatting it up with cover girls for the magazine. We thought it was time we fessed up and introduced you guys to our creative center, so we asked Wally to answer a few questions so you can get to know him better.


Thanks for agreeing to do this interview Wally. Can we call you Wally?

Sure. My full name is Wallaby "The Rabbit" Andrews. I took the last name of my Mom when she adopted me last year. I figured it was only right. She is the shit, after all.

Why do they call you "The Rabbit?"

It's not because of my sexual prowess. Get your mind out of the gutter. It's because I have a unique paw that looks like a rabbit's foot.

Another unique and amazing fact about you is that you only have three legs. How did you lose the fourth?

A lot of people think it's because of the infamous bar fight I got into last year, but they've got it all wrong. First of all, I wrecked that guy. Second of all, I was born this way. A rumor that is true is that song is, in fact, about me. Lady Gaga and I tweet each other.

Do you have a lot of celebrity friends?

Since BUST hired me last year, I've been able to land a lot of my female friends on the cover. I don't like to name drop though. It's tacky.

What are you favorite and least favorite aspects of working at BUST?

I love what I do, and that I work with such badass babes. I am the only male currently around the office, but I never feel alone. I also get to take frequent naps. My least favorite thing is when they eat their food in front of me and don't offer to share. Rude.

Do you have big plans for the future?

I plan on staying here at BUST, but I've got some side projects in the works. If you guys are smart, you'll put me on the cover already. If not that, though, I'd like to finish my memoir.

What about in your personal life?

I'm not ready to settle down yet. I don't have a lot of free time anyway, between BUST, my own writing, my social life and regular yoga classes. I'm a young bachelor in New York working at BUST magazine- I'll ride this wave for a while. Wally style.

Wally showing off his yoga skills.

Images courtesy of Wally's publicist. You can follow him on Twitter @Wallaby2012

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