Amy Poehler Will Punch You With Her Fist Boobs

Last night Amy Poehler, living goddess and two-time BUST cover-lady, joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night for a hilarious interview that included five-second celebrity impressions and reminiscing about fake movies they've starred in together. As always, Poehler employed her ninja-like improv skills to create ridiculous story lines to go along with the posters.


The equally hilarious Part 2 is here:


Of course, the gem of the bunch is this poster for their movie Chronicles of Holkroft 3: Kwest for the Krimson Amulet, which saw Poehler using her fist boobs to defeat her enemies.

Some more amazing posters for movies we would *absolutely* buy tickets for:



Poehler also wrote and directed last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation (“The Debate”), which saw her character, Leslie Knope, triumph over her opponent in a local debate with a heartfelt closing argument.



Image source: hollywoodreporter.com

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