Amy Poehler is Writing a Book!

We have some very good news this week.  Following in the footsteps of prolific funny women like Chelsea Handler, Amy Sedaris, and Tina Fey, Amy Poehler is writing a book. Yes, you heard that right—Amy Poehler is writing a book!  Well, it’s about damn time!

According to the AP, the as-of-now untitled book will be out in 2014, and will be published by It Books, a pop culture imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. 

It is “inspired in part by Poehler’s interest in helping young women navigate the adult world”. The memoir would be “an illustrated, non-linear diary full of humor and honesty and brimming with true stories, fictional anecdotes and life lessons”. 

We are waiting with breath that is baited, Amy. In the meantime, you should bone up on this funny lady's web programs, Smart Girls and Ask Amy

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