Amy Poehler Gives More Insightful Advice

As BUST intern Michelle previously wrote, Amy Poehler (BUST cover girl in our DEC/JAN 2009 issue) keeps getting more awesome, and I have to agree.  Even in the midst of her recently announced divorce from Will Arnett (something most of us here at BUST are devastated about), Amy was able to give some more amazing advice to girls who are experiencing body image issues.

In the latest “Ask Amy” video, a young girl wants advice because she feels like her body issues are preventing her from loving herself.  As someone who hasn’t always been comfortable with my body image, but have become so with time and support, I can say that Amy’s advice is probably the best there is. 

Even if you think you’re 100% secure with your body image, Amy gives a wonderful reminder of how to remain happy with the way you look.    It’s great to have such wonderful advice and positivity coming from someone young girls can look up to!  


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