Amish Romance Novels?

 Everyone knows the typical formula of a harlequin romance novel-man and woman meet, they are met with an obstacle they must overcome, a solution is found, they finally do the deed and live happily together for the rest of their lives. What happens when you throw the Amish community in the mix? Apparently a whole lot of swooning...

Imagine pastoral settings, the simplicity of the Amish community and a forbidden love between a member and an outsider. Now, throw in a few kisses between the couple and you have yourself a G-rated romance novel that is causing a lot of Amish women to read them under the covers.

This genre is so incredibly HOT that Barnes and Noble claim 15 of their top 100 religious fiction titles are these exact novels. Along with the romance novels (aka 'bonnet books'), Amish thrillers and murder mysteries are also in the works.

As cheesy as I find some romance novel scenarios (anyone remember when Walmart was coming out with ones with a NASCAR theme?), I have to say I'm happy Amish women have a market they can turn to.


Photo courtesy of Barnes and Noble.

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