Amber Tamblyn Records Fake Demos as a Joke, and They're Kind of Amazing

I’ve never thought much about Amber Tamblyn. Aside from being a BUST columnist, I knew she was on a TV show about Jesus that I never saw, and she’s engaged to David Cross, and that was all the Tamblyn Trivia™ I knew—until Friday, when she became my hero.

Apparently, actor-musician Tyrese Gibson saw Amber’s e-mail on some group message and confused her with model Amber Rose, Kanye’s ex-girlfriend. Tyrese wrote to ask her if she wanted to record an album with him and the result was an exchange in which Tamblyn sent him several BRILLIANT demos, and pretended to be Rose:

On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 11:41 AM, Tyrese Gibson wrote:

Hit me now … ***.***.****


Tyrese Gibson

Amber Rose Wrote:

Sorry boo I would but my neighbors is really into exotic animals and I promised I would go over and see their new baby Ball Python.

(You can read their entire exchange at the highly-unsafe-for-work Street Carnage site.)

Tamblyn then gets political with a spoken word rant about anti-choice legislators, which Tyrese calls "trash" and finally realizes she may not be the Amber he thought she was.

On one hand, I sort of feel bad for Tyrese for being made fun of (now I have opinions on Tyrese AND Amber Tamblyn? They should give me my own TMZ-type show). On the other hand, the charade brought “Dance Floor Etiquette” into the world and I now demand a full-length recording. Nay, I demand an Amber Tamblyn/Leslie Hall collabo! 

image credit: StreetCarnage

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