Amazing QR Code Art & Stop Motion Goodness by Yiying Lu

I know young people are supposed to be hip and tech-savvy (and by using the terms "hip" and "tech-savvy" I do, in fact, realize I've outed myself as neither), but sometimes I find myself genuinely overwhelmed with how quickly technology is advancing and all the crazy cool possibilities that come with it. Here I am, still flabbergasted that you can pay for your Starbucks coffee using a QR code, while artist Yiying Lu is already using them to create stunning and interactive works of art in her new series "Beautiful Traps."

Yiying incorporates these QR codes into her beautiful paintings of seven types of dangerous, carnivorous plants with incredible results. Check out the time-lapse video below to see how her codes let you interact with the pieces, taking them to a whole other dimension. Not only are her paintings beautiful on their own, but her innovative approach allows for art, nature, and technology to merge in a whole new way. 

Image and video courtesy of yiyinglu.com

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