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fish squirrelIt's a well-documented fact that Etsy is awesome -- you can buy vintage belt buckles, handmade jewelry, and pretty much anything you can think of, really, all without leaving the comfort of wherever you prefer to Internet shop. But 'pretty much anything you can think of' also includes 'things you would never imagine someone was trying to sell.'

Thanks to the site Regretsy, you can now see all of these products in their crazy glory. Looking for a Frida Kahlo uterus plushie? Did you even know such a thing existed? Well, now you can put it in the cart next to your 1970s romper suit and be happy. My personal favorite is the Fish in a Squirrel Suit, because a stuffed fish isn't already creepy enough on its own. I was also totally ready to buy the Lil Kim Sleep Sack until I realized it was for a baby. Make it in my size, please!

photo courtesy Regretsy.com

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