Album Review: Matt and Kim | Lightning

Lightning strikes a fourth time with Matt and Kim’s newest album. If the Brooklyn duo seems familiar, perhaps it’s because you saw their bare-naked asses in the now-classic “Lessons Learned” video. Behind the keyboard, Matt Johnson’s deviant, almost Dookie-esque vocals combined with Kim Schifino’s gung-ho drumming make for an upbeat, heart attack-paced record with just a hint of disco. As the first of several party anthems on this track, “Let’s Go” is also the best, and perhaps the exact song you’d want playing while giving birth. I originally described “I Said” simply as, “Farty, slow-ish, and cool,” a description that needs no tweaking. And I’d bet my flighty cat’s little life that the spastic ditty “Overexposed” is her personal favorite. Lightning occasionally mentions trouble with the 5-0, which is fine, because fuck the police, but I have to wonder—how much trouble can a couple of positive thinkers like Matt and Kim actually make? 

Matt and Kim | Lightning, $8.99, amazon.com

By Whitney Dwire

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