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With an emphatic nod to the ’80s, Omaha-based trio Icky Blossoms’ eponymous debut is a super danceable affair that’ll have you caking on the blue eye shadow and hiking up your acid-washed jeans. Extroverted songs dominate the album, with explosions of cosmic synthesizers and drum-machine claps (this band loves clapping) that recall a poppier New Order. “Sex to the Devil” showcases frontwoman Sarah Bohling’s hypnotic vocals, while “Babes” drips with sultry, girl-lovin’ lyrics. Even slightly more subdued songs like “Temporary Freakout” get the body moving with rhythmic beats and catchy breaks. Despite its clear appreciation for decades past, the band still manages to convey a very modern vibe on Icky Blossoms. This record ought to come with a neon scrunchie for keeping the hair and sweat out of your eyes while you bust a move.

Icky Blossoms | Icky Blossoms, $11, saddlecreek.com

By Jessica Butler

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