Album Review: Brite Futures | Dark Past

Despite the title, Brite Futures’ new album Dark Past (out now on Turnout) is anything but gloomy. The Seattle-based band (formerly known as Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head) split from Warner Bros. and have since moved on to indie label Turnout, a move that underlies some songs on the new record. The quintet of Claire England, Shaun Libman, Luke Smith, David Price, and Conor Sisk may have a new name, but they can still bring us an album full of dance-worthy tunes ripe for singing along and blasting at high volumes. The single “Baby Rain,” a seemingly lyrical sex guide, is actually a double entendre about songwriting. “Too Young to Kill” is a rendezvous between Weezer’s arena rock and the pop style of Rooney, and features a beautiful ode to the Beatles’ classic “Here Comes the Sun.” The sweet chime of bells on “Black Wedding” makes way for the disco-laden vocals of England that color the song. Put on your dance shoes and shades, because the jams that Brite Futures dish out are blaringly loud and bodaciously bright. 

-Lara Streyle

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