Alaska Women Reject Palin

Considering all the media speculation on whether or not Palin's gender will be enough to draw votes from ex-Clinton supporters, (nevermind Palin's horrifying politics towards women) protests like this are a breath of fresh air. This Saturday, an 'Alaska Women Reject Palin' rally was held in the lawn of a downtown Anchorage library, shortly after Palin gave a speech in an Anchorage convention center. Hundreds of people participated in the rally, dwarfing a 'Welcome Home Palin' rally held the same day and reportedly  making it the biggest protest rally in Alaska state history.

The rally was planned over coffee by a small group of women who initially thought that as few as ten people would show up. (They were happily surprised at the turnout -- over 1400 people attended, not including 90 counter demonstrators.) Attendees carried signs such as ''The Alaska Disasta,'' ''Real Women Vote On The Issues, Not The Gender'' ''Pro Woman, Anti-Palin,'' and ''What About Healthcare?''

''We are hosting a 'Reject Palin' rally to put the media and both campaigns on notice that Alaska's women (all women for that matter) are a diverse and intelligent group that will be voting in November on substance not on gender or stereotype, no matter how fascinating,'' the group wrote in an e-mail they sent out prior to the rally. To see more of the action, check out laurainak.blogspot.com .

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