Absolutely Strange


It seems we've done it again. Taken a British comedy classic and Americanized it (The Office, Posh and David Beckham) This time we set our target on the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous (or Ab Fab if you are a real fan). If you have not seen this show, please watch it right now.... but only if you are a fan of immature, chain-smoking, alcoholic, fashion-obsessed, fame-hungry, middle-aged ladies who live in London. I was concerned the first time I heard about this television remake but upon learning that the main characters of Patsy and Eddie would be played by Kristen Johnson (3rd Rock from the Sun... remember that gem?) and Kathryn Hahn (the obsessive wife in Stepbrothers and more recently in Revolutionary Road) I was less mad. This might (I said might) be good. In other good news the American remake will be overseen by Mitch Hurwitz who did a very good job with Arrested Development. And it has the official seal of approval by Jennifer Saunders, who played the original Eddie, for she will be the executive producer. But before you see the American version of Absolutely Fabulous do your research and watch the original.

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