Absolutely Fat-bulous
sheeryff.jpgThanks to an article/segment from Good Morning America, I have a new blog crush: Young, Fat and Fabulous.

YFF is a blog run by a young woman named Gabi and it focuses on trendy fashion for plus-sized girls. The clothes she chooses to talk about are a little edgier than those usually featured on Fatshionista, and the blog in general is less political. Plus, YFF seems to focus a lot on the ''in-betweenie'' set, which is the range of sizes that span the gap between straight sizes and plus (usually 12/14 to 18/20 or so).

One other awesome thing is that YFF focuses a LOT on buying the plus clothes on the cheap, which is awesome because, whoa, can it be hard to find cute stuff cheap if you wear over a size 12.

Time to flip through her past entries and drool over the clothes she has posted. -Liza
(photo via www.youngfatandfabulous.com)

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