Abortion seekers in Oklahoma kill (future) police officers!

Oklahoma is well on its way to becoming the most restrictive state for women seeking abortions. The two most recent bills are bad enough–one forces a woman to have an ultrasound and then listen to a detailed description of the fetus' limbs and organs, while the other prevents a woman for suing a doctor who fails to mention if the fetus is disabled. I don't even get how these two bills can actually work together, but apparently that doesn't matter in Crazytown. Says State Senator Todd Lamb, “maybe someday these babies will grow up to be police officers and arrest bad people, or will find a cure for cancer.” And yet, it gets worse.

Two more billsmy baby is pro choice are working their way through the Legislature, one that would force women to fill out a lengthy questionnaire about their reasons for seeking an abortion (and then use those statistics online), and the other restricting insurance coverage.

New York City to the rescue

Hours after the bill was passed, New York's Center for Reproductive Rights went to court to challenge the law as unconstitutional, a violation of the doctor's freedom of speech and the woman's right to equal protection and privacy.

Things are about to get really weird.


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