Abortion Rights Stymied in Alabama, Making "Largest Organ Removal" More Difficult

The GOP really does say the darndest things. Yet another attack on abortion rights is playing out in Alabama, courtesy of lawmaker Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin.

McClurkin, who believes that a fetus is actually an organ (the largest one, no less), is using a new tactic to strike out against abortion in her new bill. She is sponsoring The Women's Health and Safety Act, which would curb women's ability to receive abortions in a couple of different ways. First, it would make dispensing abortion-inducing medication a felony for any doctor, nurse or assistant who prescribes it. Such a felony would come with a jail sentence of up to 10 years. Also, clinics would have a whole new list of restrictions placed on them, including new building codes and a ban on hiring out of state doctors.

So, instead of trying to ban abortion outright, Alabama lawmakers are trying to pass laws that would make it virtually impossible for abortion clinics to stay open and operational. Perhaps someone should convince Mary Sue to take up a vendetta in defense of the tonsils or something (if she's so into justice for "organs") and leave women's abortion and reproductive rights alone.

Source: The Raw Story

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