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A teen drama without any thin actresses... 


For the past few weeks I’ve been constantly passing this ad (left) for the new ABC Family series Huge.  

And each time I see it, I feel a weird mix of emotions. 

On one hand, the ad features a plus sized girl (Hairspray’s Nikki Blonsky) in a bathing suit. On the other hand, she looks depressed and is trying to cover her stomach.  

Either way, it effectively sparked my curiosity. 

As it turns out, Huge premieres tonight at 9 p.m and reportedly features the first full plus sized cast in (scripted) TV history. 

Developed by Winnie Holzman--the brains behind My So-Called Life--the show follows the trials and tribulations of seven teens at fat camp, including Blonsky’s character Willamina. 

 Willamina (or Will for short), is a sharp tongued gal who likes her full figure but was shipped off to the camp against her will by her parents. She also has a purple streak in her hair so you know she’s the rebel.  

Yet, I’m still not entirely sold on the show. It seems to be a little too confused about it’s message. 

For example, is it any coincidence that the camp’s resident hottie (played by model and David Hasselhoff’s daughter Haley) also happens to be the thinnest of the bunch?

And if Will is so comfortable with her weight, why is she’s shown on ads looking as uncomfortable as one could look? 

 Perhaps it's because the general public might find a happy, overweight adolescent girl a little off-putting. 

 Now let’s see how many people tune in. (preview below)

[Image: abcfamily.go.com]

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