A Working Girl's Runway!


According to style.com's Fall 2011 Trend Report, the top trends for this season are: Collage Studies, Color Forms, Parka City, Psychedelic Furs, Sixties Minutes, Spotty Service, and Tux Love. While all my BUSTies and me love to move with the trends, it can be hard to get a runway look on a working-girl budget. I want to help my fellow bargain-hunting fashionistas get a great deal on a runway look.

Psychedelic Fur:


Candyviolet.com  $150                                  Prada  Fall 2011 Collection

Parka City:


 H&M.com  $59.95                                        Altuzarra Fall 2011 Collection 

Collage Studies:


popomomo.com $150                                 Aquilano Rimondo Fall 2011 Collection

Sixties Minutes:


H&M.com $59.95                                             Jil Sander Fall 2011 Collection

All of the runway looks found on the right, can be purchased for over $1,000. These designer styles are fabulous, but totally unrealistic for my budget. Create your own working girl runway, with the help of stores such as H&M.com, candyviolet.com, and popomomo.com.

Sources: Style.com

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