A Woman After Our Own Stomachs

Take two cups of 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure,' 1/2 cup of Rachael Ray, a heaping tablespoon of 'H.R. Pufnstuf' and 5 tabs of acid--then stir frantically. The result? IFC's new show, 'Food Party,' which is hosted by the irrepressible, bat-shit crazy (in the best way) Thu Tran. Her gonzo cooking class is filled with a cast of degenerate puppets who float around her cardboard sets, helping assemble sometimes-inedible masterpieces. It started as a series of web shorts which Tran wrote and produced with her buddies and shot in her Greenpoint apartment. A typical episode showed her consulting a psychic potato on what to serve her dinner guests--paper cutouts of Jay Z and Beyonce--before finally deciding on slices of leftover pizza, served on laser discs.

Food Party

Now Tran's hit the big time with a slot on IFC, every Tuesday night at 11:15 pm. In the first show of the season, Tran gets sick of dating and marries herself, cooking up a hot-wing wedding cake for her union to Thu Number Two. In another, she opens a restaurant, but decides the pace is too hectic, so she poisons her customers with rancid ham. Maybe someday Tran will let us assist in the kitchen, so we can whip up her specialties--narwhal lungs and cheese-puff-and-flower hors d'oeuvres. Better keep some Pepto on hand...

For more info, check out: Food Party

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