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Photographer Dina Goldstein has challenged the fairy tale stereotype by doing a series of photos reimagining the classic Disney princesses and putting them in modern day scenarios. Above is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin placed in a war-torn desert setting, obviously reminiscent of the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Other photos include Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' getting plastic surgery and Snow White as a suffering housewife (which is basically what she was in the movie anyway, except here it is to wailing children).

In an interview with JPG Magazine, Goldstein says, 'As a new mother I have been able to get a close up look at the phenomenon of young girls fascinated with Princesses and their desire to dress up like them. The Disney versions almost always have a sad beginning, with an overbearing female villain, and the end is predictably a happy one. The Prince usually saves the day and makes the victimized young beauty into a Princess.' Such repetitive themes shown to young girls could send the message that they should wait to be saved instead of being able to save themselves. Also, what was up with all those dead mothers in Disney movies? That's some deep-rooted crazy Freudian shit going on right there.

Check out Dina Goldstein's website for more photos from her 'Fallen Princesses' feature. - Sylvie

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