A Tour Diary Wrap Up: 14 ladies, 9 cities, 1 choir, and 1 Body



So, tour ended two days ago. Since we last spoke, the  Assembly of Light Women's Choir and The Body played in Atlanta, DC, Greensboro, Jacksonville, New York and at a sold-out hometown show in Providence.  The audiences from each city responded to the Assembly of Light Women's Choir  and The Body with overwhelming enthusiasm and respect at venues from bars to warehouses, from New York to Jacksonville.


The best part about tour for me were the amazing people I met and became reacquainted with while on the road. This blog post is dedicated to Chrissy Wolpert, the ladies of the choir, the two gentlemen of The Body and the multitude of hosts and friends (both old and new) who helped make this tour the success that it was. 


For starters, did I ever tell you how great Lee and Chip of The Body are? Well, they are.

(Lee gets an ice cream and Chip gets a caffeinated beverage before a long drive to Jacksonville.)

Intense, hot, killer show in Jacksonville. (Thanks, Erik Hern and 8B!)

Tatyana, Caitlin, and Sarah get breakfast at the Waffle House, a tour fixture.

Our caravan.

Chip eats a crabapple that Maralie of Humanbeast picked in Philadelphia.

Legitimate Business in Greensboro.

Chrissy hangs with our Greensboro bud Zachary Jones (of braveyoung ) and his dog Argos before the show.

The show at St. Stephen's Church in DC.

Beck Levy of The Gift organized the show in DC, with the help of her bandmate and Positive Force.


Lee before the DC show at the church.


The ladies celebrate after the moving DC show.


Reba of Whore Paint navigates during a long drive after a quick beach stop.


It's how we roll: Vikki Warner, Caitlin Johnston, Karen Pace, owner of Goody Goody, and Cassie Tharinger brush before a show.


Veteran Boston musician Carmen Marusich, who performs as "Arena Rock" in My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult gets ready for the New York show.


The show at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, where the remaining members of the choir met up with us and sang.




After the show, we got pizza and ran around the city.


Then we drove back home to Providence, where the choir and The Body played a sold-out show at as220. Pictured here is Astrid, who can hit a mean high C.


Our last show of the tour in Providence.



So, what's next for the Assembly of Light? The choir's taking six weeks off (during that time,  Chrissy will be co-directing Girls Rock Camp), then practice begins again. In between running an after-school music program for children and teaching voice with Reba, Chrissy will be working on new music for the Assembly of Light Women's Choir's first record, which she plans on recording in the spring. 



In the interim, you can find the Assembly of Light Women's Choir tape over at aumwar.com, and you can become a fan of the choir here.

Thanks for reading.  Believe in your dreams, people.


jaime lowe

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