A Step Down the Runway in the Right Direction

Pictured above is Hayley Morley, a UK size 12 model who spurred controversy when she brought some realism to the runway.  Hayley and two other ''curvy'' women appeared alongside stick-figure thin models in Mark Fast's London Fashion Week show last Saturday.  The biggest shocker is that their inclusion prompted Fast's stylist and creative designer to walk out over ''creative differences.''

Luckily, two freelancers stepped in to help with the show.  Amanda May, Fast's creative director, told the UK's Daily Mail that the designer '''wanted women to know they didn't have to be a size zero to wear a Mark Fast dress.''  This is not the first time Fast has opened his mind to the idea of using life-sized women on the runway: he is also involved in All Walks Beyond The Catwalk, an initiative that uses models up to size 16 and age 65 to show-off threads.  It's one small step in ending the fashion industry's obsession with emaciated-looking women.

Photo courtesy of Fiona Garden

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