A Slammin' Bad Fad
568824387_62745c2e0e.jpgEvery now and then you'll be deep in conversation about something like National Yo-Yo Day and that will veer off topic to something like POGs. And sometimes that means all you children of the 90s will stop short, unable to remember the name of the big plastic disc used to hit the little cardboard ones, mainly because none of you actually ever put your massive POG collection to use.

When this inevitable situation occurs (and believe me, it will) you'll be forced to do a little Googling. That's exactly what happened here at the BUST office, and that is how I discovered the Bad Fad Museum . This awesome site features a categorized collection of fads past, some that will make you nostalgically laugh and others that will make you, well, cringe. It's a lot of fun to look back at what you may have been sucked into, and I hope the site adds more in the future.

The big plastic POG is called a slammer, by the way. -Liza
(photo via Flickr)

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