A Series of Unfortunate Events: Lauren Conrad Destroys Books for ‘Arts and Crafts’ Video

I wanted to like Lauren Conrad, I really did. As far as former reality starlets go, she seems to be doing something with her life instead of begging people on the Internet for money (we’re looking at you, Whitney). When she launched her new eco-friendly accessories line, I was even ready to jump on the LC bandwagon and everything.

Until my jaw dropped in horror at one of her recent projects, that is. In a video that caught the eye of BuzzFeed staffers, LC can be seen slicing the spines off of several pristine Lemony Snicket books.

As someone who grew up poring over A Series of Unfortunate Events, my stomach sank as the tomes were torn apart. The end result: a box that could look like an actual stack of books when positioned properly on a shelf. How senseless creative!

Even in today’s world, books are a luxury that shouldn’t be so carelessly destroyed –especially when said books look brand new. Just think of how many children could have perused these copies and those of her “crafty” followers.

The Baudelaire siblings would not be impressed. And neither are we.

(The video has since been removed...covering up the evidence, Lauren?)

Images courtesy of LaurenConrad.com 

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