A Resurgence of Gainsbourg

It appears that the not so subtle whisper of autumnal fancies is creeping into my Ipod in an exceptionally fabulous way. The crisp breeze and changing of the leaves harkens the sweet romantic sounds of my favorite smorgasbord of sultry Parisian pop, which always includes a healthy dose of Serge Gainsbourg. Compelling me to observe the world in the most imaginary of ways, his picturesque crooning and composition turns my everyday mundane into a stylized French film with impeccable ease.

I recently have had the unexpected pleasure of stumbling across the trailer for Joan Sfar’s Gainsbourg, which made it’s debut earlier this summer. What a tease! The 1:20 second long clip is an indubitable petite four for the eyes. The effortless dramatics as well as Bardot (Laetitia Castin) and Birkin (the late Lucy Gordon) doppelgangers appear to be seemingly scrumptious with no guilt. Sfar’s background in cartooning brings an element of fantasia to this film, causing the biopic to evolve into a theatrical dedication to the coveted Casanova. The plot serves a glimpse of French life during Nazi occupied Paris in the 1940’s as a boy, and segways into his infamous song writing years.

Although I do not condone the glorification of reckless living, every frame in this trailer is saturated in Parisian romanticism at it’s finest.  If that does not lure you in, the wardrobe will. Sfar’s cinematic architecture proves to be promising and unmistakably cool. I’m already purring Oui! Oui! Merci beau coup!

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