A Must-See Conversation: Alanis Morissette On The Difference Between Men And Women


This past summer, Alanis Morissette made a surprise visit to DLDwomen, a conference that takes place in Munich annually, and brings together over 50 international speakers. The conversation got very real very quickly as Alanis dove right into issues such as her role to humanity as an artist, the alpha woman, and the new role of men. Her honesty was not surprising considering that this is the same woman who wrote  “You Oughta Know.” (Is it possible to write about Alanis without bringing up that song?)  


Even when she's not singing, she has our attention!


When asked about the differences between men and women, Alanis said, “We are built incredibly different. In today’s context men provide different things than in the old days…It’s not about providing money anymore. For instance, if my husband wasn’t taking care of my child now I couldn’t be here. We women are moving to a connective version of ourselves, to interdependency." Click here to see the interview in its entirety and Alanis’s awesome heels!

The 90s Goddess of Rock was already in Germany when she spoke at the conference, shooting a video for a song from her brand new album, Havoc and Bright Lights.  Even though our favorite wild child now has a child of her own, she is in the midst of her first international tour since Citizen of the Planet in 2008. North America, get ready, because she’s coming next week! The setlist is rumored to have oldies like “All I Really Want”, “Thank You,” and “Hands Clean,” so don’t worry, you will still get your healthy dose nostalgia.  

Cover art from her new album, Havoc and Bright Lights



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