A Gel That Blocks HIV?

 From the site AIDS Connect http://www.aidsconnect.net/?q=content/blog/latest-antiretroviral-microbicide-trials

About 3 years ago I read about microbicides, a type of gel or film that blocks HIV when used vaginally. I made hundreds of flyers about it, posted it around my university and the Women's Center, yet no one took me seriously. I myself began to wonder if microbicides were real.

Today we saw this article on HIV-blocking gel . It sounds almost like science fiction, without the futuristic dystopia: 'Before sex, women would insert a vaginal gel that turns semisolid in the presence of semen, trapping AIDS virus particles in a microscopic mesh so they can't infect vaginal cells'. This technology also gives women a way to protect themselves from the virus 'without their partner's consent'. ScienceDaily (Aug. 10, 2009)

Amazing and important! Why has this not been explored more thoroughly? Human trials have proved faulty, not to mention the fact that NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW ABOUT IT! So let us educate ourselves, and my 22 year old self will finally be heard! -Dahlia

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