A Company That's Changing the Faces of Watches…Literally

These days, with digitized media following you everywhere you go, a watch may no longer seem necessary for telling  time. However, there's nothing I love more than being able to tell if I'm running late in the shower or during my SAT classes—I’d like to think watches are still as much of piece of jewelry as any other accessory. But for those of you who still think the watch is antiquated, V-ZA-V™, a new start-up company, is ready to prove you wrong. V-ZA-V™ designed the first and only watch compatible with  DIY watch faces that are removable and interchangeable. So if you ever wished you could always carry a picture immortalizing you and your garden gnome on your wrist, now is your chance! 

Inside the website’s “Facial Expression Studio,” you’ll be able to upload original art--photos, illustrations, doodles, pre-made designs, you name it (we even tried using photos from my personal blog, The Emma Edition, as seen below). Every design submitted to the Studio will then be available for you to print out (you can try out a designing demo here). Normally, an average name-brand watch will cost you around 70 dollars or more, and since you can’t fully customize their watch faces, you’d have to purchase another watch for versatility. V-ZA-V™ seems to be rather forward-thinking, in that respect; their product creates less clutter and it’s a greener solution, as only one watch is necessary to fit all types of DIY watch faces. 

To turn this DIY dream into a reality, contribute to the V-ZA-V™ Kickstarter page, which expires on August 27th. 

Prototype designs with images selected from my personal blog, The Emma Edition

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