9-Year-Old Girl Is A Football Star

9-year-old starting quarterback Sam Gordon is the star of the Gremlin youth boys tackle  football team. Sam’s stats: 1,911 rushing yards, 8.2 yards-per-carry, 25 touchdowns, 65 tackles.  According to Sam’s dad, Brent Gordon, there were 172 kids who tried out for a Gremlin team, and Sam tested the fastest in every single speed and agility drill. There’s no doubt about it: Sam is a football star.

Oh, yeah. And Sam’s a girl.

A video of Sam’s amazing feats is going viral on YouTube, helped along by Buzzfeed. It currently has over 300,000 hits, and it’s only been up for two days.

According to the Huffington Post, female football players tend to be relegated to the kicker position, so Sam is breaking gender barriers in two ways: by being the only girl on an all-boys team, and by being a quarterback instead of a kicker.

Sam’s highlight reel proves that girls can play football just as well as – and sometimes better than — the boys. Watch it here: 


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