8-Year-Old Stella Dresses Up As A Different Historical Woman Every Day

Stella as Grace Kelly

Have you ever wished that you were as vivacious as Billie Holiday, as elegant as Grace Kelly, or as intelligent as Hermione Granger? 8-year-old Stella Ehrhart has – and she does something about it.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, every day, Stella dresses up as a different historical figure, character, or person she knows. Most of her ideas come from a book called 100 Most Important Women Of The 20th Century. Along with Billie Holiday, Grace Kelly, and Hermione Granger, she’s dressed as Joan Baez, Jane Goodall, and Georgia O’Keefe.



Stella as Jane Goodall


Stella, a third-grader at Dundee Elementary School in Omaha, has dressed up every day since the second day of second grade, when she showed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder. Teachers have sometimes incorporated her outfits in class; when she dressed as Rosa Parks, she and her classmates put on a play about her.

Stella uses her own clothes, so not every outfit is immediately recognizable.

“The nice thing is, she dresses as that historical figure from what she already has. We don’t need to run out and buy a whole bunch of clothes. It’s like, what would Queen Elizabeth want to wear from my closet today?” her father, Kevin Ehrhart, said to ABCNews.com

And whether she’s dressing up as Oprah, Emily Dickinson, or Elvis Costello, Stella always knows. For even more photos of Stella's costumes, click here.


Stella as Billie Holiday

Stella as Elvis Costello

Stella as Emily Dickinson

Stella as Hermione Granger

Stella as Helen Keller


Photos from yahoo.com.

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