(500) Days of Summer

It's not very often the male and female leads in a movie are equally crush-worthy, making the sum of both parts totally off the swoon charts. Well, I got a sneak peek at (500) Days of Summer and lemme tell you what, it's hard to decide where to rest your eyes cause the cuteness between Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a constant battle. If Away We Go didn't satiate your uber-indie movie needs, this romantical dramedy absolutely will. It's sweet without being sappy, pop-culturally referential without being annoying, intermittently hilarious, and has so many all-too-relatable relationship scenarios it may just feel like your love life flashing before your eyes. Go see it this weekend (it opens tomorrow!) then check back next week for a little Q-and-A action with Zooey and JGL. I got to stalk, er, hang with them at a press conference where they dished the goods on romance, dance numbers, and being the next Hepburn and Tracy.

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