50 Shades of Gilbert Gottfried

The book Fifty Shades of Grey has been stirring things up as of late, leading many to question whether or not the book is a step in the right direction for female authors. If you haven't heard the hype or read the book, here's a short synopsis. The book follows the life of a fresh college graduate caught up in a BDSM style relationship with the older, sexy Christian Grey. He's a brooding businessman with a bad past, oh, and he wants to dominate her.

The book has been criticized for being cheesy and poorly written, yet praised for being all kinds of steamy. If you want more steam, look no further. Actor Gilbert Gottfried has done the audiobook for 50 Shades. So now you can hear the whole sultry tale in the voice of Iago from Aladdin. What, too sexy for you?

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