30 Rock, I Love You, But I Don't Love that Rape Joke

I, like many young women, have come to love 30 Rock. Liz Lemon is everything I want to be: she runs a television show, has an awesome apartment, and eats all the food she wants. Because of her, I’ve been devoted to the show since day 1, and own three of the seasons on DVD. I love it.


However, last night, there was a small crack in the show that is usually hilarious and wonderful. Pete Hornberger (a character who I usually consider to be underused) is describing how his workload has been lightened by Jenna becoming a producer on TGS.


Pete: …and this morning, I made love to my wife. And she was still asleep, so I didn’t have to be gentle.



Maybe I'm overreacting. Liz even reacts to Pete with mild disgust. But I think that, even in a joking tone, implying that having sex with someone who’s passed out (regardless of how close you are to them) is perfectly fine—and even funny—is a little extreme. This is, by all the definitions I can consider, rape. And rape isn’t funny. Blerg.


Image via NBC

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