Female CIA Agent Is Responsible For Pinpointing Osama Bin Laden’s Exact Location.

Former SEAL Matt Bissonnette (pen name Mark Owen) has written a book about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, and in the book as well as in last week’s 60 Minutes interview, he highlights the success of the female mastermind behind the raid.

The woman, who goes by “Jen” in the book, No Easy Day, was certain bin Laden was in the compound they found him in.  The interviewer, Scott Pelley, asks Bissonnette about "Jen's" success.

“She told you that her confidence that Osama bin Laden was in the compound was 100 percent,” Pelley said.

"Yep,” said Bissonnette.

“And you thought what?” questioned Pelley.

“Well, we’ll see…What was interesting was after the fact when we got back and everything she said, her whole assessment was accurate. I mean, not one thing she told us was out of play…Very impressive,” Bissonnette said.

It is refreshing to observe more men in society placing such high esteem on women and their accomplishments, especially in such a monumental operation.  I can only imagine what a personal success it was for “Jen.”  In the 60 Minutes interview, Bissonnette describes the scene of when the SEALs returned with bin Laden’s body. 

"So we're all in the hangar, immediately, we saw her. And, you know, she started crying. And it was a pretty significant event in her life, I'm sure," he said.  

It’s pretty amazing to see such strong women accomplishing tremendous feats, and getting the recognition they deserve.


The interview can be seen here.


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