Razzle and Dazzle It

BY Web Intern in General

  If you're the kind of gal who thinks anything can be made better with a little pizazz, then bring your old bathing suit and $10 to Spacecraft in Brooklyn for a night of bedazzling on Thursday, June 4th from 7-10p.m. They'll supply the beads, buttons, glitter, feathers, jewels, shells and fabrics to transform your old bathing suit. Or, you can buy one of the suits for sale from Knickers and No Fur Coats at a discounted price. If that wasn't enough of an incentive, there will also be free beer and raffle prizes! RSVP at rsvp@spacecraftbrooklyn. Read More
Rachael Yamagata’s new album is achingly good and full of universal truths. Read More

Vivian Girls

BY Jacquelyn Lewis in Music

This all-girl rock trio delivers jangly guitars and driving beats that sound like they were recorded in someone’s basement. Read More

Dear Science

BY Jacquelyn Lewis in Music

TV on the Radio's awesome sophomore effort stays true to the group's experimental roots. Read More

Me and Armini

BY Jacquelyn Lewis in Music

Singer/songwriter Emiliana Torrini delivers heartbreaking lyrics over an exotic array of pop sounds. Read More

The Coral Sea

BY Jacquelyn Lewis in Music

Patti Smith has brought to life her 1996 book of poetry, The Coral Sea, on this eponymous, inspired two-disc set. Read More

Sugarbaby EP

BY Jacquelyn Lewis in Music

Morningwood's new EP is a party waiting to happen. Read More